Samuel R. Lucas, Faculty Affiliate of the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Professor in the University of California-Berkeley Department of Sociology, and an affiliate of the University of California's Department of Sociology and Demography, has research interests in social stratification, sociology of education, research methods, and research statistics.


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Convenient Utility Pages

I regularly visit the sites collected below, and list them here to aid access to them

Google. links data on campaign contributions and votes of California politicians.

Seat Guru aids in selecting seats for air travel.

Flight Aware provides live tracking of all flights.

Check the BedBug Registry for reports of bedbugs in your hotel, and make a report if needed., the Universal Currency Converter can be useful for overseas travel. graphs exchange rates over time.

Temperature Converter for Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin (for those out-of-this-world trips).

With the decline of Weather Underground International Weather for deeply informative weather reporting on May 4, 2015, I now use and recommend either Intellicast or AccuWeather.

Spare The provides detailed reports and forecasts on Bay Area Air Quality.

A map showing active forest fires in the United States can be found at the USDA Forest Service site; a similar map of fires in California can be found at CAL FIRE.

International Time and Date Converter and Telephone Codes page is useful for planning meetings and travel.

Alta Vista's Babelfish Translator site translates text across at least a dozen languages. I really wish that had existed when I was in high school, it could have helped immensely in learning a language, if used properly. Sadly, at present the site does not translate to or from Czech.

Online Timer can be used in countdown or countup modes.

USA Track and Field Route Mapper allows users to map running routes throughout the USA or to tap a database of previously-saved routes, some of which are outside the United States. To map and save one's own routes outside the USA one may use the Gmaps Pedometer. Both of these sites are ideal resources for those seeking to maintain their work-out schedule even while travelling in unfamiliar territory, without having a hotel treadmill as the only recourse.

While running in unfamiliar conditions it can be useful to check the Runner's World What to Wear site. Punch in the weather conditions and one's preferences and out pops suggested clothing for the run.

Mapquest is for drawing maps and obtaining driving directions. is the Bay Area's full service transit information hub. It contains everything from a map showing degree of traffic congestion; an integrated link to the multiple transit systems in the bay area (e.g., BART, AC Transit, CalTrain, and more) allowing one to plan a trip using any single system, or multiple systems; bike routes and maps; and airport information.

Bay Area Hiker is the Bay Area's full service hiker information hub. It contains everything from trail maps, information on planning your hike, volunteer opportunities, rankings of the ease or difficulty of hikes, and more. Truly a guide to the San Francisco Estuary.

United States Geological Survey Earthquake Center can be checked to confirm the existence of a recent earthquake nationwide.

California ISO provides information on the status of power distribution, demand, and availability in California.

Pandora is a music service that takes your stated preferences for songs or bands and then streams a personal radio station from bands you might consider on that basis. With this free service one can develop up to 100 personal stations. Power from the web to the people!

The Internet Movie Database liberates one from having to own an up-to-date video directory before heading to the video store.

Dead or Alive can be searched to determine whether someone famous or nearly famous is dead or