Samuel R. Lucas, Faculty Affiliate of the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Professor in the University of California-Berkeley Department of Sociology, and an affiliate of the University of California's Department of Sociology and Demography, has research interests in social stratification, sociology of education, research methods, and research statistics.


Sociology Department
University of California-Berkeley
410 Barrows Hall #1980
Berkeley, California 94720-1980


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The American Sociological Association (ASA) is the discipline's professional organization. The ASA publishes journals, runs conferences, maintains mailing lists, provides an umbrella for smaller groups of sociologists to organize as sections (e.g., Sociology of Education Section, Methodology Section), and more. Membership information as well as on-going activities are available at the ASA web-site.

The International Sociological Association Research Committee 28 on Social Stratification and Social Mobility is a very active group of researchers. Drawn together by their interest in the complexity of social mobility and a commitment to comparative analyses, these researchers work in one of the most active segments of the field. Conferences are held twice a year; historically conferences in RC28 have been actual working sessions, and researchers have collaborated in studying the variability and similarity of mobility processes across the globe.

Through its Sociology Program, the National Science Foundation plays an important role in developing and furthering the agenda of the discipline.